Company Management & Accounting

Continental Management Limited encompasses the group’s accounting, corporate management and fiduciary services arm.

Staffed by Chartered Professional Accountants with years of experience in the provision of accounting, fiduciary and management services to a wide range of clients including licensed and exempted investment managers, alternative and private equity funds, companies listed on the Bermuda and New York stock exchanges, local trading and holding companies and a wide variety of exempt companies.

Our accounting team, with the ability to draw on the Chartered Professional Accountants from our audit practice to scale up in busy times, prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly financial information. Using our modern multi currency accounting and financial statement preparation software with a powerful investment portfolio module we provide timely, accurate and cost effective information.

Our core services are:

  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
  • Independent directorships
  • Provision of employees, premises, offices and directors
  • Corporate administration and cash management
  • Anti Money Laundering /Anti Terrorist Financing consultancy
  • Investment license application and maintenance
  • Corporate governance advisory